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A designer’s world

At DIETRICH, design is our culture and heritage. We are engaged to offer you products that are highly contemporary. We believe the esthetic of our time will empower you and give you timepieces that are bold statement you deserve. A watch today is almost like a business card, showing personality and vision of life. DIETRICH timepieces will tell about you: He is an independent mind, someone looking forward and living his dreams.


Mechanics is the best way to provide efficient functions -like giving time- while providing such a delightful and fascinating spectacle. That is why we love mechanics. And that is why we will continue to invent and develop these beautiful and meaningful systems for your wrists. It is not about performance, it’s about a vision of life where efficiency is not everything, where emotion and passion are still in foreground.


All our watches are very comfortable to wear. Ergonomics is at the center of our preoccupations. The result? A beutiful metal bracelet that feels very soft on the skin and doesn’t pinch hairs, leather straps that link smoothly the watch to your wrist, cases that adapt to any wrist size harmoniously and never feel edgy or look chunky. Try them to convince yourself!

Sustainable culture

Mechanical timepieces are major part of our cultural heritage. And these mechanics are incredibly durable. Find an old mechanical watch, give a few rotations to its crown and it will probably starts ticking again immediately. Watches are produced and decorated with the best techniques and skills, making them one of the most interesting cultural thread through the last centuries of evolution. And the best is naturally to come.

We are independent

Our goal is to conceive freely unique products for unique individuals, to help you show your personality around your wrist. We don’t hesitate to make bold statement and you don’t need the reassurance of owning a standard reference. Independence is the most beautiful path and allows us to think and conceive exactly the design we have in mind. This is priceless.

We have a strong identity

We don’t refer to commonplaces -no aviator or exploratory instruments here-, we create our own territory. Our rounded hexagonal shape expresses balance -balance in life, balance between curves and straight, hard and smooth-, our hands have unique shapes, our dials are micro architectures, highly three-dimensional and beautifully detailed. Because we believe in good design, because good design is sufficient to itself.

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