Reservoir at Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction

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RESERVOIR donates Hydrosphere Bronze 1st pr-serie piece to REVOLUTION x THE RAKE COVID-19 solidarity Auction.

In 2020, REVOLUTION x THE RAKE organized an online charity auction, hosted on a Givergy platform, an award-winning fundraising technology company. 100% of the proceeds from unique watches and artworks, will be donated to the World Health Organization’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. A solidarity initiative in a complicated global context.

REVOLUTION is an international magazine specializing in luxury mechanical watches. First published in 2005, it is now one of the largest successful watch media in the world.

THE RAKE is the world’s leading publication on classic luxury men’s style and daily editorial content such as travel and culture.

The Covid-19 health crisis is impacting the global economy, affecting more severely countries with insufficient medical and economic infrastructures. Through this international charity auction, REVOLUTION x THE RAKE wishes to make a more direct effort to help people in need.


“I am particularly proud to join this brilliant and generous initiative from REVOLUTION of a charity auction to support the World Health Organisation in such difficult times, with existing but also coming massive sanitary challenges.

As an Odd Ball, I am very pleased to donate this unique “000/100” pre-launch piece of our coming special edition “The Maldives Edition” developed together with REVOLUTION, based on a bronze version of our scuba diving watch collection HYDROSPHERE, complemented by the original version of the artpiece realized specifically by our Parisian illustrator for this special edition.”

François MOREAU (CEO & Founder)


RESERVOIR is proud to donates a Hydrosphere Bronze proto to REVOLUTION x THE RAKE Covid-19 solidarity auction.

Taking its inspiration from the functionality and the aesthetic appeal of vintage measuring instruments, RESERVOIR is meant to be the reflection of eras full of cult objects, eras in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind. From automobile races with old cars to military aviation or the universe of submarines and diving, measuring instruments are a source of inspiration both inexhaustible and powerful.

For this occasion, RESERVOIR has chosen to donate a Hydrosphere Bronze prototype and an original print produced by its official illustrator Alain BOULDOUYRE.



Imminent submersion in the Maldives waters. The pressure builds. Desire for exploration and challenge infuse the senses and the mind. Stay concentrated in the time to check the equipment: tanks, oxygen, pressure regulator, stabilizer… Clamped to the wrist, Hydrosphere, a watch resembling Scuba diving pressure gauges, the first survival instruments for divers.

Having a unidirectional, rotating bezel with a double scale, helium valve and power indicator, RESERVOIR’s Hydrosphere Bronze asserts its uniqueness with a single needle on the dial. Upending the aesthetics of vintage diving watches, it possesses the mainstays of a successful dive: security, functionality, confidence itself and its equipment. RESERVOIR is a Maison Horlogère Française inspired by Vintage instruments with Swiss Made collection.

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