Reservoir Battlefield, Symbol of Conquest and Automotive Engineering

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June 6, 1944 – 6:30 am – The time of landing. In Omaha Beach, the US Army deploys soldiers and war material. The Normandy landing marks the beginning of one of the greatest battle of the Second World War. Code name “Overlord”. More than 20,000 warships land on beaches including the legendary off-road battlefield D-Day.

The iconic vehicle was designed in 1941 at the request of the US Army. Its strengths? Toughness, durability and versatility. Eisenhower will say that itis one of the three decisive weapons of the United States during this war. Used during the landing and symbol of the Second World War, this all-terrain vehicle is today the emblem of adventure.


RESERVOIR imagined the Battlefield collection. This one draws its inspiration from the heart of the history of the biggest battles or operations of disembarkation. RESERVOIR unveils a collection full of intensity and emotion, anchored in history with a strength that is matched only by surpassing oneself. In addition, The Battlefield collection recalls values that are ​​out of time, which exceed and animate men. Trust, faith, courage and honor are the ingredients of genius to achieve great feats. Finally, more warlike than ever, the Battlefield collection is like a talisman to embody dreams and ambitions.

The Battlefield D-Day watch appropriates the aesthetic codes of this exceptional mythical vehicle. With its sandy khaki dial stamped with the US Army’s white star and its typical meter hand, the Battlefield D-day features the endless minutes of a fierce battle. Sealed on the wrist, this vintage military wrist watch pays homage to soldiers defying fear and death in the name of freedom. More legitimate than ever, the emblem RESERVOIR is reviving the symbol engraved on the petrol jerry cans flanked at the back of these all-terrain vehicles on these watches with a story. An allegory of the incredible energy and determined courage of soldiers and war pilots engaged to fight against oppression. At its heart, beat the three horological complications, emblem of RESERVOIR: the jumping hour, the retrograde minute and the power reserve.

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